Gtx 980 strix overclock settings

By Cicely 24.06.2018
For all overclocked games above we have used the very same image quality settings as shown before. So what settings and why should they be set to that value. If you want to do the advanced stuff, you'll want to read about it at Overclock.

That means it's still not stable.

I have a button below the Heater controls with an A on it, it lights up saying OFF if I press. I dont even know what any of these perameters mean. I need some help to know if my GPU is with too much voltage with my OC because its set to auto. In case you need help, we include a list of business resources in your local area. Explore the different types of textures and embossing printers can do. I am using MSI afterburner to overclock my GPU.

You'll want to step up the clock frequency first and without touching voltage, then find the point of instability.

Gtx 980 strix overclock settings #2
The software that is supplied with the Strix has to be the easiest card management utility we've ever seen. Once that's all done, you found your stock overclock for both Core Clock and Memory. As a general rule, it's a bad idea to immediately apply the settings that someone online determined as stable for their GPU.