White cell count high means what

By Carley 12.03.2019
Is the RBC count high or are you speaking of the hemoglobin or hematocrit. High white blood count symptoms. What is number for normal white blood cell count and red blood cell count.

Drugs, such as corticosteroids and epinephrine.

White cell count high means what
It may also means it is a reaction to a drug that helps in improving the WBC production. A disease of bone marrow, causing abnormally high production of white blood cells. Or it may also be due to an immune system disorder that leads to increase in white blood cell production. Allergy, especially severe allergic reactions.
What does a low white cell count along with a high red count means. It depends on what type of lift you have and for which vehicle. Acute myelogenous leukemia AML. Fingersticks can show a slight elevation as a result of the phelobotmy blood collection. What Is a Normal White Blood Cell Count for a Female.