How to place a fraud alert on your social security

By Bobbie 19.06.2018
All you need do to place a fraud alert is to contact any one of the major credit-reporting agencies, and it will notify the other two. Identity theft is a crime in which someone uses your personal information to pose as you in order to obtain credit or purchase merchandise. If someone has misused your personal information or even if you're concerned about identity theft, but haven't yet become a victim you can place a fraud alert. Identity thieves can steal your social security number, drivers license or credit card information.
In addition to running up debt, identity thieves can also create a criminal record in your name by providing false information to police. Recognize the signs of identity theft. They can get medical care using your health insurance.

With fraud alerts in place, lenders must confirm your identity before approving new credit which is attached to your Social Security number.

What are credit fraud alerts or credit flags. Deciding to Place an Initial Fraud Alert. Lets say your Social Security number and other personal data were exposed in a data breach. Credit experts agree that a fraud alert, at a minimum, is a good idea for any consumer. Three nationwide credit bureaus keep records of your credit history. NerdWallet recommends a credit freeze, also known as a security freeze, for most consumers.