Where can i buy a lap giraffe

By Collette 24.06.2018
Both male and female giraffes have horns- although males have larger horns than females. In order to find a giraffe for sale in your area, you will need to contact local exotic animal dealers. The giraffe is the tallest of all land living animal species.

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Where can i buy a lap giraffe
However, giraffes have a very powerful kick and have been known to break the spine of lions that have tried to catch them. Maybe a melee weapon for where can i buy a lap giraffe Forerunner's since they're so royal. Choose a Blank new slide and click the OK button.

So now you know where giraffes live.

This post will answer that question, and also tell you a few facts. Giraffes feed on mimosas and apricot leaves besides the acacia. It is best to give them only purified water to drink. Giraffes are extremely tall, so they need a lot of room to maneuver. I have some code I am trying to run once my image has finished loading. Like most exotic pets, you will need a special permit to keep a giraffe on your property.