Colors on a mood ring and what they mean

By Admin 21.06.2018
The liquid that is inside a mood ring is meant to react with the temperatures of the body. When more than one of these colors show up on a mood ring, it means that the person is feeling a combination of the emotions. It changes colors as the temperature of the body changes. For more information on How do mood rings work.
Space is a vacuum with very little for the light rays to bounce off. As these crystals have highly heat sensitive molecules, they do respond to the temperature changes by twisting or changing their positions. You can learn if mood rings accurately predict a persons emotions. Please feel free to share your photos and experiences on our Facebook page.
After a year you will be required to take the UK test etc. The Mood ring or in general, the mood jewelry, is designed with a heat sensitive stone inside. What Is A Mood Ring And How It Works.