Dism install server 2012 gui

By Bart 14.04.2019
To convert a server core installation to a full operating system installation GUI version. Powershell enter PowerShell prompt. Net Framework, this feature is installed by default.

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Install-windowsfeature server-gui-mgmt-infr. NET, Hyper-V, etc, are all dependent on. This guide will help you to go from the command line interface, using PowerShell, to installing and turning on the GUI. If so, try this article instead. Run the following command to retrieve the name or index number of the image. Enter this command in to a Powershell prompt, running as Administrator. To enter Powershell, simply type Powershell from the Command Prompt.

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Do not reboot following completing the command. Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem. Either you accept od you don't. NET Framework provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model to build and run applications including Roles and Features that are built for various platforms.