How long do you go to school for lawyer

By Latasha 21.06.2018
Also, if i eventually get my Phd in law what types of jobs does that open. You might not be a lawyer for long. I could go on forever because of the extreme level of nuance here, but here is the broad view of how long does it take. The initial step to becoming a lawyer generally is four years of study as an undergraduate at a college or university.
Degree from an accredited law school. We had a judge, lawyer, olice officer, and a probation officer come by and tell us alittle bit about their career. Keep in mind, too, that some schools simply start later than others but the throughput is the same once they do start reading. It may not feel like it's paying off, butit will in the long run.
Others may actually accelerate their degree by taking additional courses during the semester or over the summer. Typically, the degree takes three years to complete. Im just confused cause ive been on plenty different sights and all they say on there is the bachelors degree in criminal law is mainly to be a cop or FBI agent.