How to block google play purchases

By Admin 25.06.2018
Shravan Das, love to explore with smartphones. Now you have no one to blame but yourself when you read your bank statements. Open the Google Play app on your device. Ensure the first option, indicating all purchases, is selected.

These come in many different forms, from adding new levels to a game to new features or virtual items or extras that help you out in the game.

Some app and game developers on the other hand build their applications around this monetization model. Find out how you can block in-app purchases on your Android tablet with the help of the Google Play Store settings. Perfect as a gift or as wedding centre pieces. In this way, you can use your fingerprint for Google Play authentication and disable in app purchases in Android.

They can sell it right away for a price in Google's Play Store, or, implement in-app purchases.

How to block google play purchases #1
It will clean up all the files and unroot the device on your next reboot. Now, check the box next to the Fingerprint Authentication option. While you may be able to restrict yourself from making in-app purchases, your children or other users may not be able to do so.