Superhub modem mode setup

By Domingo 25.06.2018
The Ubiquiti AP now has an IP from the Superhub, and is showing a status of Adopting. I am a student and rarely actually decides to spend this much money on getting a quality product. This means that the box is working as an integrated router and modem.
Superhub modem mode setup
For former SuperHub users, this was known as Router mode. However, in some situations this may not be suitable for your needs. Real-life scenarios are used to help you determine when to use a Modem only Mode on a dynamic service. Score Free and Cheap Magazine Subscriptions. So i followed the guide on VM website on how to setup Modem Mode.
Superhub modem mode setup #1
I have partially set up my AP with my Virgin Superhub. Because you need lots of green ones. Done that applied settings, hen changed my cable over to the only active port In modem mode and connected it to my router. At what point do I switch the hub into Modem mode. Iv rebooted the superhub several times and also defaulted it to factory settings to no avail. According to ddwrt status page no internet.