Mirror therapy box how to make

By Shari 23.06.2018
The short answer is as frequently as is comfortable. Mirror therapy informally known as mirror box therapy involves the use of a tabletop mirror for stroke rehabilitation most often for the arm and hands. Make a Mirror Box mirror box therapy stroke. Mirror Therapy can be used for many conditions.
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Many mirror therapy boxes in use have two compartments, this is only to make them left or right handed. During mirror therapy, you perform various stroke recovery exercises with your non-affected side. The top and front sides of the box can be removed.
Strokes are one of the main causes of disability around the globe. Images of diy mirror box therapy. All rehabilitation exercises should be undertaken in a paced and goal oriented fashion. That is to say that they should be repeated regularly and built up from a low base. Trying to make my own to give the patient. Pictures of Chicken Reshmi Kabab By Sanjeev Kapoor and many more. How often should I use the mirror box.