Live smooth streaming publishing point advanced settings

By Ross 14.03.2019
A publishing point can perform any combination of these roles. In the current release, there is no option to completely disable live DVR on the server as well as the client. If liveCacheSizeSec is zero or does not exist, the publishing point will not try to allocate its own memory for buffering fragments.
Others would need to be manually added into the. Creating a Live Smooth Streaming Publishing Point on IIS Server. You can also view this information for the selected publishing point on the Live Smooth Streaming Publishing Points page. Some of these properties are exposed through publishing point setting's UI. If you want to deliver live streams to Apple mobile digital devices, on the Mobile Devices tab, select the Enable output to Apple mobile digital devices check box. Setting manifestWindowLength to zero means unlimited live DVR. Solution for BlueStacks is stuck on Starting the Engine screen.
Live smooth streaming publishing point advanced settings #2
The pull Publishing Point URL, Add, and Remove controls are only visible when Live source type is set to Pull. Connection errors might occur if you don't enable this setting. Definition - What does Rich Text Format RTF mean.