Rails user settings gem

By Admin 20.06.2018
A Rails Engine to manage your application settings. Search Gems News Gems Guides Contribute Sign in Sign up. But app settings need to keep not only string para.

I think that either the rails-settings gem or its rails-settings-cached fork is the way to go, but I'm not quite sure.

Begin to restore HP laptop when you click Next button, rails user settings gem. How would I make a settings controller with an edit view that can change these dynamic app wide settings. I am struggling to find a pattern for storing single use user settings VAT percentage, tag line. Ive found rails-settings gem to keep hash of simple string settings. It would basically be a checkbox that says Send. Setting Up Devise Gem and Creating a User. View 'monthly' it's the default.

If I should use one of these gems, any tips or potential gotchas are greatly appreciated.

Rails user settings gem #1
Or your fork of rails-settings. I want to implement email preferences for my users. Each user has a master switch that tells me whether they've opted out of all emails. These powerful weapons can be unlocked by completing certain milestones within the game, which makes them available for purchase in the games shops. How to give Movicol Paediatric Plain.