How to find qibla online

By Melda 15.03.2019
Adjust the map until it represents your location. Mecca is located in western Saudi Arabia. Long, just a little before noon. Most of the people have a question how to find Qibla direction from my location.
How to find qibla online
Locate the direction of the qibla right from your browser, wherever you are. IslamicFinder's Athan app is a great way to get accurate qibla direction.
How to find qibla online #1
Its easy to find out the direction of Khana Kaaba from Pakistan around the World. This tried and true method will not tell you where the Qiblah is located, but if you know where you are in relation to Makkah, it's far more accurate than a stick in the ground. Turn towards the direction to Makkah for your location.