How can u tell if you have bed bug bites

By Krystin 15.03.2019
Bedbugs like to hide where you sleep. How Do You Know If Bedbugs Are Present. And what do bed bug bites look like. It doesnt have to be anything too fancy.

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How can u tell if you have bed bug bites
Though the bites can be itchy or painful, theyre not dangerous. Mike NudelmanAn artists rendering of human-sized bedbugs riding on a train. Bed bugs are the most unwelcome of house guests. But just remember, you are not alone. First off, get yourself a flashlight. If you havent been outside, its the wrong season for mosquitoes or you dont have pets, bed bugs are also a much more likely choice for what has bitten you.
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The easiest way to tell if a bed bug has bitten you is to look for small, dot-like bite marks on your skin. If you dont have the emulator, you can download it from the Official Website. Similarly, blood spots may appear on the bed sheets if you have rolled over and squashed a bug in your sleep, after it has fed. Bed bugs are small, but if you watch for a few minutes and you do have them you should see them moving around. These tend to get red a few hours after you are bitten and they can swell up like mosquito bites. Once theyre in your home they can be incredibly hard to get rid of.