Macbook pro display not working after sleep

By Admin 07.07.2018
If it shouldn't work, is it being considerd or is it in the works. The only way to regain this functionality is to restart the whole application. Recently upgraded operating system. E, Can you shed some light on whether or not gestures are supposed to be supported on a MacBook Pro running Windows natively via Bootcamp.
How to fix a Macbook that does not always draw its internal screen after waking from sleep and having unplugged external display while asleep. Then I remembered that little tool GfxCardStatus from Cody Krieger and fired it up. Easy fixes for Macbook black screen. All open applications placed on main display after sleep.
So you are trying to wake your Mac from sleep and it just wouldnt. If it should work, it does not, at least for me. Has anyone experienced anything similar. I know the computer itself is powered on because I can hear the fans running, and I know it's not in sleep mode because the sleep indicator light turns off when I open the lid.