Fog lights how they work

By Angelyn 20.11.2018
How they work, and what you should expect from a fog light. To understand how fog lights work, we should first take a look at how fog works. Fog is a regular occurrence in many parts of the world, especially near large bodies of water.
Fog lights how they work #1
Proper front fog lights are mounted low down on the bodywork, and are angled down at a steep. While many lighting systems are automatic, fog lights are a lighting element that you will most likely have to turn on yourself. Herbert Benson suggests inducing the bodys relaxation response. Fog lights work the same way as normal lights work. When the conditions are right, tiny water droplets or ice crystals can float in the air, just over the surface of the ground.

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Fog lights are both placed in most of the cars in front as well as rear of the car known as rear fog light. In addition to acting like a cloud and blocking your view, the tiny water droplets or ice crystals decrease visibility even further by reflecting light that hits them. In this situation, even the normal low-beam lights reflect off the fog in front. Front fog lights are only really of any use in extremely poor visibility. 'Long vowel' is the term used to refer to vowel sounds whose pronunciation is the same as its letter name. Since fog is above this height so light does not scatters and driver drives smoothly.