Why do cats always land on their feet when they fall

By Admin 10.10.2018
If you have a cat, you cant help but notice that whether its falling off a table or a bookshelf, it will almost always land on its feet. Only watch in shock as it landed on all four paws, then sat down for a sheepish wash. Do cats always land on their feet. Then it rotates its head to see where its going to land.
The ability of falling cats to right themselves has long been a source of fascination. When a cat starts to fall, it first determines what direction its facing. How do they manage it, and can all cats do it.

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Im sure Im not the only one who has flinched as my cat lost its footing in a tricky spot, and braced myself for a nasty fall. Cats innate ability to right themselves is called the cat righting reflex. Next, it bends its back in the middle, which helps it rotate its front half in an opposite direction of its rear half. A stretched spring in a pinball machine has elastic potential energy and can move the steel ball when released.