When do babies eat real food

By Argelia 23.06.2018
After a little while I started making the cereal a bit thicker, and later I began mixing in a little strained fruit at the side of the dish so some bites were more fruit and others were more cereal. Home Blog Eating When do babies eat solid food. Some foods are soft and can be digested with ease, while others are much harder to digest or simply cant be chewed properly by a baby with no teeth. The digestive tract is still forming during the first few weeks of life.

While this developmental milestone will occur at different times for different babies, it usually occurs between four to six months of age.

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Everyone is different and there might well be occasions where babies might be ready for solids sooner than that. Most experts recommend starting such foods when the baby is able to adequately control his or her head movements and tongue reflexes. Solid foods are a big step for a baby.

When Can Babies Eat Scrambled Eggs.

When do babies eat real food
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