How to score cardboard

By Admin 22.06.2018
In this article well explain in detail how to make a periscope out of cardboard step by step. This tool allows you to easily create the perfect size box from stock boxes, flat sheets or any cardboard you have laying around. Cut through the top layer of paper AND the corrugated line leaving the bottom paper layer uncut.
I am using silver duct tape as a building material and as a decorating material. Children will surely love this item, as they will be able to see things they normally dont see because of their height. Retract the ballpoint of a retractable pen. Packed ice is available in the following versions of Minecraft.
To break a piece of cardboard's spine and produce an even bend, you need to score the cardboard. Image courtesy of Flickr user Charley Lhasa. Cutting through the cardboard weakens its structure and causes it to tear at the bend point. With that in mind, here are some more campus-specific resources for cardboard boxes.