How to describe love at first sight in a story

By Davis 20.07.2018
One of those love at first sight poems for a love that transcends time and space. Those who would like to know what happened to my love story may check my hub on Blindsiding love and a Relationship on Rebound. The poet here talks of how he fell in love at first glance only to realise this is what he had loved and looked for all along.

In some people, romantic love, just like the sex drive, can trigger immediatelyfrom first sight.

Although, each person may define love differently, it is presumed by most as a strong feeling for and desire to be with someone for our whole life. There is a partial truth to love at first sight. The feeling can be described as somewhat crazy. The poet offers to tell her story to the reader, we dont get to hear what it is, but that is the point. This simple verse asks the readers if they believe and reiterates how ones own experience is the only factor when it comes to love at first sight.

Down below, were going to introduce you to three of the most common methods to do so. If you have it, its meaningful, and you owe it to yourself to experience it and to examine whether this truly is love. Yet, as much as many would like to dream of love at first sight, it is a myth and is just an added twist to a love story. It is care for that special person and wish for him or her to be happy, but also hope for a mutual love. Let that not be misconstrued as love at first sight. Because of some things I never shared my true feelings to him, but I know one thing.